§ 3935. Duration and term of stays; codefendants not in service.

(a) PERIOD OF STAY- A stay of an action, proceeding, attachment, or execution made pursuant to the provisions of this chapter by a court may be ordered for the period of military service and 90 days thereafter, or for any part of that period. The court may set the terms and amounts for such installment payments as is considered reasonable by the court.

(b) CODEFENDANTS- If the servicemember is a codefendant with others who are not in military service and who are not entitled to the relief and protections provided under this chapter, the plaintiff may proceed against those other defendants with the approval of the court.

(c) INAPPLICABILITY OF SECTION- This section does not apply to sections 3932 and 4021 of this title.

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[Section 205 of Act.]