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Tech Talk: Digital wallets, ransomware attacks, hyper-personalization, and more!

  • Shift from verifying data to authenticating identity
  • Crypto banks are gaining momentum
  • Experience-driven banking
  • The state of cybersecurity
  • How the pandemic changed e-commerce
  • Engagement banking
  • The most important point in a cyberattack
  • Datasoft embeds correspondent-banking-as-a-service
  • Banking attacks surge in post-COVID economy
  • Spam, Scams & Breaches
  • Updates, Patches & Alerts
  • and on the lighter side...

Shift from verifying data to authenticating identity
As fraudsters continue to develop increasingly sophisticated schemes that allow them to produce an apparent valid identity, either by stealing personal data or fabricating it themselves, organizations need to make a fundamental shift in their fraud-fighting strategies. Help Net Security has the details.

Crypto banks are gaining momentum
The massive popularity of the crypto-industry is visible in numbers. For example, the bitcoin market cap reached more than $1 trillion. Due to these very eye-catching numbers, crypto banks remain on the rise, while the traditional banking system is determining if (and how) crypto may fit into the current system. Finextra has the details.

Experience-driven banking
Looking at it from a bank perspective, experience-driven banking is a strategic choice about whether you become a platform to enable experiences or own experiences. FinTech Futures has the details.

The state of cybersecurity
When it comes to the banking sector, there are specific characteristics that make cyberattacks very serious, both in terms of the probability of occurrence and the potential severity of the impacts. A security incident in a banking institution can have consequences on the day-to-day operations of an entire country, or even an entire region of the world. Finextra has the details.

How the pandemic changed e-commerce
The pandemic caused the number of first-time online shoppers to skyrocket. These are not the typical ecommerce shopper — they may not have a credit card or even a steady and predictable cash flow. Stores have gotten creative about how to address this gap. ATM Marketplace has the details.

Engagement banking
Jouk Pleiter, CEO, Backbase speaks to FinextraTV about the challenges banks face when looking to digitize their operations and consistently meet customer expectations. We hear what they can learn from the platform players, whether the unified platform approach is the way forward to achieve engagement banking and why banks need to service their employees as well as their customers to succeed. Finextra has the details.

The most important point in a cyberattack
Let's get the scary thing out of the way: more than half of businesses have dealt with a serious security breach in the last two years. The chances of one happening are so high that organizations need to plan for a breach. The good news, though, is there are straightforward ways of minimizing the impact before an attacker even so much as looks in the direction of your organization. Help Net Security has the details.

Datasoft embeds correspondent-banking-as-a-service
Datasoft now embeds multiple world class FX liquidity and payment providers into the FxOffice core to bring an array of foreign exchange pricing, execution and cross border payment services to financial institutions. Finextra has the details.

Banking attacks surge in post-COVID economy
As the post-pandemic economy roars back to life, cybercriminals are using a new whirlwind of transactions as cover to launch an extraordinary number of bank fraud attacks. Threatpost has the details.

Spams, Scams, and Breaches

Updates, Patches, and Alerts...

See what other current hot cyber and technology topics affecting financial institutions BOL users are discussing in the Technology Forum.

And on the lighter side...

You can use your voice to automate your surroundings and make your life easier. What could go wrong? Open door

First published on 06/04/2021

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