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Security Spotlight

BankersOnline Security Spotlight


Many banks are dispensing with placing cameras in the ATM area because of bad pictures, cost, or other problems.If possible, I prefer to have cameras placed about six feet above the ATM.The camera

BankersOnline Security Spotlight


Section 114 of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACT Act), which required all financial institutions to develop and maintain an Identity Theft Prevention Program, was effective on Nove

BankersOnline Security Spotlight


A banking office is robbed after a criminal evaluates the office to determine which teller he is going to target.The most likely place from which he will observe the teller line is from the check-w

BankersOnline Security Spotlight


Some financial institutions are taking the risk of opening the branch with just one person.Since this isn?t the industry standard, any institution that does so may face legal liability if someone i

BankersOnline Security Spotlight


Members of a branch staff once asked me, "If we trust our fellow employees, do we really need to follow procedures to the letter?"To answer this question, I quoted President Ronald Reagan:"Trust, b

BankersOnline Security Spotlight


When performing risk assessments across the country, I?m frequently asked this question:how often should we change vault combinations?My answer:Even though calling in a locksmith is an added expens

BankersOnline Security Spotlight


Security officers in large institutions cannot always train everyone in the organization.This duty may be assigned to branch managers if the security officer has provided training to them on what s

BankersOnline Security Spotlight


Many banks want the outside world to see inside the institution to avoid bank robbery attempts.They try to maintain a policy that window blinds and curtains remain open.Yet the sun won?t cooperate

BankersOnline Security Spotlight


When an elderly, long time deposit customer starts to withdraw her funds in large amounts, saying she has been instructed to do so by her lawyer to prevent her husband's nursing home from taking al


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