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Security Spotlight

BankersOnline Security Spotlight


We turned our clocks back at the beginning of November, creating a problem that many banks overlook twice a year:settings for lights or other security equipment don't always automatically adjust fo

BankersOnline Security Spotlight


Underwriters Laboratories examines vault components, safes, alarms, bullet-resistant materials and about every security product a financial institution uses.

BankersOnline Security Spotlight


Is it possible that you've ever made a customer angry enough to blog about your "friendly" service?When working with financial institutions, I always set up a Google Alert, which searches the inter

BankersOnline Security Spotlight


Any bank that issues a credit card or debit card should be updating customer cell phone numbers especially if they are relying on Falcon to combat fraud.In today's world, we are more likely to cont

BankersOnline Security Spotlight


Robbers wear baseball caps to try to keep our cameras from obtaining good facial photographs.Consequently, many institutions have enacted a "no hats policy."One simple step, however, can prevent ba

BankersOnline Security Spotlight


Wouldn't it be nice to have access to cheap technology that can detect counterfeit currency, fraudulent identification, and altered or counterfeit checks?Black light has been around for years, yet

BankersOnline Security Spotlight


A Happy and Prosperous New Year to you from all of us at BankersOnline! In this first edition of Security Spotlight for 2009, we report on an astounding number of robberies.

BankersOnline Security Spotlight


In this last Security Spotlight of the year, our report on "Holiday" Robbers should be a reminder to take extra care doing your holiday shopping.

BankersOnline Security Spotlight


In this month's Security Spotlight, read about bank robberies in costume, and ask yourself how people dressed like this even get into a bank.


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