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What are you doing with your free time? Had some new responsibilities assigned lately?

Regulations are changing almost daily! Are you expected keep up with all that is going on this evolving compliance environment? In compliance management is that there is too much to do, too much to learn, too much to implement, too much to change, too much to train, too much to monitor. You get the idea.

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Compliance Action is more than a newsletter. You need the best, most accurate information to get your job done. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a top notch team of compliance experts to back you up? If you're a Compliance Action subscriber you'll have timely compliance articles, guidance, action steps, Q&As, and training tips delivered to you throughout the year. We've assembled a team of advisors to research the issues so that you can be prepared for what is ahead with practical advice, checklists, and guidance.

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Included in your subscription

  • ComplianceAction includes articles about new developments in compliance laws, regulations, and interpretations. But we do more than describe the change, we tell you what to do about it. Each major article contains ActionSteps, things to check on or change, or a new process to start. We even list who needs to know or be involved. In short, the ActionSteps are your 'to do' list.
  • We also have articles addressing compliance problem areas, such as what compliance requirements apply to commercial lending, when signatures are required or prohibited, how to use credit scoring, or when and how to give disclosures of different kinds. And we include ActionSteps for these too.
  • ComplianceAction gives you information on compliance enforcement trends. We stay in touch with examiners and the recently examined to bring you the latest information. These articles help you prepare for the next examination so you'll be ready with a good response to the items that are at the top of the examiner's list - and you'll look good to your management as well.
  • ComplianceAction includes charts or lists to help your staff. You can use these for training and also hand them out as job aids.
  • We include a calendar on compliance events to remind you when to review HMDA data, when comment letters are due, when to expect action on something - this one often changes a lot - and reminders about what to do on a regular basis, such as training, board briefings, and policy reviews.

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Mission Statement

  • To keep your compliance, audit and legal officers and staff up-to-date on regulatory and compliance issues and industry-related techniques.
  • To provide guidance for implementing and managing your compliance program
  • To increase your awareness and understanding of compliance developments
  • To provide you with information that will be useful in communicating compliance information to bank staff
  • To assemble all of the above in a readable, understandable, usable format that can be photocopied and distributed in-house by each subscriber.

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George B. Milner, Jr.
Publisher, Compliance Action, Bankers' Hotline
President, Bankers Information Network

Nancy Castiglione
Editor, Compliance Action
President, D-C Compliance Services

Lucy H. Griffin, Esq.
Editor Emeritus, Compliance Action

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