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Compliance Action, Volume 17, Number 16

December 21, 2012

Serving the Unbanked and Underbanked: FDIC's Study (6 Action Steps)

By Lucy Griffin

The FDIC's 2011 "Survey of Banks' Efforts to Serve the Unbanked and Underbanked" provides financial institutions with some effective ways to better serve customers and identify and bring in new customers while enhancing their CRA rating.

Flood Insurance: A Tidal Wave of Changes (4 Action Steps)

By Lucy Griffin

Significant changes to the Flood Insurance Act and the Flood Disaster Protection Act will bring higher flood insurance premiums and higher civil money penalties for violations.

Action Training
Changes to Flood Insurance (List Items)

By Lucy Griffin

New flood insurance requirements can result in significant penalties for financial institutions. Training on key points is needed to communicate these changes to ensure compliance with the changes.

Compliance Notes

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In the Editor's Opinion
The Evolution of Compliance

By Lucy Griffin

Auld Lang Syne to when the responsibilities of the compliance officer were fairly limited.

Compliance Q & A

Executive Director:
Lucy H. Griffin, Esq.
Board of Advisors:
Patti Blenden
John S. Byrne, Esq.
David Battle
Robert P. Chamness
David Dickinson
Phillips G. Gay, Jr.
Barbara Hurst
Robert G. Rowe, III, Esq.
Michael D. Maher
Andy Zavoina

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