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Compliance Action, Volume 20, Number 15

December 18, 2015

ICYMI - House Report on the CFPB and Indirect Auto Lending (3 Action Steps)

by Stephen E. Sudhoff, CFA

The House Committee on Financial Services has shared its views on the role of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in regulating indirect auto lending.

Insider Credit Checkup (3 Action Steps)

by Patti Blenden

To help with Reg O monitoring, we have summarize the insider requirements and provided a quick reference guide.

Action Training
Quick Reference of Primary Reg O Rules (Chart)

by Patti Blenden

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In the Editor's Opinion
Don't Sit Back; Push Back!

by Lucy Griffin

Banks and other depository institutions, when faced with a lawsuit or public enforcement action, usually settle the action rather than challenge it.

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Executive Editor:
Lucy H. Griffin, Esq.
Associate Editor:
Patti Blenden
Board of Advisors:
John S. Byrne, Esq.
David Battle
Robert P. Chamness
David Dickinson
Phillips G. Gay, Jr.
Barbara Hurst
Robert G. Rowe, III, Esq.
Michael D. Maher
Andy Zavoina

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