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Compliance Action, Volume 22, Number 14/15

December 29, 2017

Military Lending Act Interpretive Updates (3 Action Steps)

by Patti Blenden

Pursuant to numerous industry requests for much-needed interpretation, the DOD has provided some clarification on the Military Lending Act (MLA).

Regulatory Agencies Announce HMDA Exam Approach (2 Action Steps)

by Patti Blenden

With HMDA data used for a variety of important purposes, validating the accuracy of HMDA data will remain a key element of regulators' supervisory activities in the coming year.

HMDA Automated Underwriting Systems (AUS) (Chart)

by Patti Blenden

Under the new HMDA data collection rules, a HMDA-reporter must identify any Automated Underwriting Systems (AUS) used to evaluate applications.

MDA Automated Underwriting System Results (Chart)

by Patti Blenden

The new HMDA data collection rules will also require a HMDA-reporter to identify the name of any AUS used to evaluate the application and the AUS result(s), regardless of whether the AUS result(s) was used in its underwriting process.

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In the Editor's Opinion
A Lesson in Giving Back

by Patti Blenden

During this most wonderful time of the year for giving, consider how you can give back through your time and efforts...and compliance with federals laws and regulations.

HMDA Single Property Address and Location Helpful Hints (Chart)

by Patti Blenden

Beginning in January, there are two major categories of property information to be collected under the new HMDA data collection regulations. We've provided a chart with some helpful hints for single property address and location.

HMDA Multiple Properties Address and Location Helpful Hints (Chart)

by Patti Blenden

In line with the new data collection regulations, we have provided some additional hints for compiling the property address and property location for multiple properties.

HMDA Loan Costs (Chart)

by Patti Blenden

The new HMDA data set contains important information detailing the cost of credit to your Financial Institution's applicants and borrowers.

Compliance Q & A


The CFPB and FFIEC have released some helpful HMDA tools and resources.

Patti Blenden
Executive Editor:
Lucy H. Griffin, Esq.
Board of Advisors:
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Cliff E. Cook
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Julia A. Gliha, MBA
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