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Compliance Action, Volume 24, Number 10

March 06, 2020

Adding More Fair to Fair Credit Reporting

By Nancy Castiglione, CRCM

While still in the process of passing through the legislative powers-that-be, a review of some highlights of the Comprehensive CREDIT Act of 2020 will provide a glimpse of possible future compliance risks impacting consumer credit reporting.

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FinCEN Guidance on CTR Transactions for Sole Proprietorships and Legal Entities

By Nancy Castiglione, CRCM

FinCEN has released guidance on the proper completion of CTRs for sole proprietorships and legal entities operating under a DBA (Doing Business As).

Military Lending Act: Update to Interpretive Rule

By Nancy Castiglione, CRCM

As of February 28, two updates to the Military Lending Act (MLA) Interpretative Rule went into effect with regard to personal property credit exceptions and the use of ITINs for MLA database searches.

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National Consumer Protection Week

By Nancy Castiglione, CRCM

National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW), designated the first week of March, provides opportunities to promote community-oriented messages that can be passed along throughout the year.

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Guide to HMDA Reporting

Nancy Castiglione, CRCM
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