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Compliance Action, Volume 27, Number 6

October 31, 2022

FTC Proposed Rule on Impersonation of Businesses and Government (2 Action Steps)

By Nancy Castiglione, CRCM

The FTC is proposing a new trade regulation that not only prohibits impersonation scams, but also gives the regulator the power to seek civil penalties against violators and obtain monetary restitution for victims of impersonation fraud.

FinCEN Updates

By Nancy Castiglione, CRCM

BSA Officers will want to take note of several important updates coming up from FinCEN.

Thresholds and Exemption Levels (2-page Table)

By Nancy Castiglione, CRCM

New updates to threshold and exemption levels from regulators should be incorporated into procedures and training.

Compliance Calendar

CRA in the Sunshine

By Nancy Castiglione, CRCM

With CRA advocacy and momentum rising, some lawmakers are drawing attention to an obscure regulation.

Compliance Notes

Training Page
Ability to Repay Standards for Non-Qualified Mortgages Refresher

By Nancy Castiglione, CRCM

Consumer watchdog agency the CFPB has recently raised the Ability to Repay issue in connection with an RFI regarding Mortgage Refinances and Forbearances.

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CRA Infographics from the OCC

Nancy Castiglione, CRCM
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