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Vendor Webinar

Join Verafin for this FREE Webinar — January 11
TIME: 12:30 PM ET

Join Chris Swecker, former Assistant Director FBI and Brendan Brothers, Co-founder of Verafin, as they provide an eye-opening overview of the cyber threat landscape and the types of cybercrimes which are currently victimizing both financial institutions and their customers.

Complimentary Webinar - 1 CAMS Credit

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Join Banker’s Toolbox for this FREE Webinar —
TIME: 1:00 PM CT

Although AML investigators seek a level of certainty, what is a realistic goal? Through a detective's training concept, this webinar will teach you productive and non-productive investigative practices in AML, and how to use your limited investigative resources effectively. Perhaps a 20 Minute AML Investigation can save you hours of frustration.

Join Verafin for this FREE Webinar —
TIME: 12:30 PM ET

Special Year-End Webinar
Join us for a special presentation by Verafin industry experts: Brendan Brothers, Anti-Financial Crimes Specialist; Mauriceo Castanheiro, Director of Fraud Analytics; and Dr. Charles Robertson, BSA/AML Analytics Expert, as they discuss crime trends and technology advancements from 2016, and the look ahead for 2017, with topics including Beneficial Ownership, AML/CTF, Cybercrime and more.

Join Verafin for this FREE Demonstation — November 30
TIME: 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM ET

Learn how Verafin can enhance your fraud prevention program by providing real-time alerts for fraudulent deposits, reducing the workload for deposit reviews, and helping fraud investigators focus on activity that requires immediate action.

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Join Verafin for this FREE Demonstation — November 29
TIME: 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM ET

Join Verafin co-founder Brendan Brothers, as he discusses how nearly 1000 financial institutions benefit from membership in the FRAMLxchange 314(b) information sharing network, and demonstrates how information sharing technology can layer on top of existing AML systems to automate 314(b) processes and strengthen investigations.

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Join Verafin for this FREE Infosession & Demonstation — November 16
TIME: 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM ET

Join Verafin's co-founder Brendan Brothers as he discusses recent FinCEN advisories on Email Compromise Fraud and Cybercrime, and demonstrates how Verafin's can help your fraud and BSA teams: detect suspicious online activity, share information under 314(b), and meet compliance requirements for filing SARs on cybercrime.

Join Continuity for this FREE Webinar — November 10
TIME: 1:00 PM ET

Regulatory scrutiny is at an all-time high and bankers across the entire country are reporting tougher than ever exams. In this session you'll learn the most current trends in EAs over the last year and more importantly, the steps you can take now to prepare your institution to withstand the increased regulator scrutiny!

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Join Continuity for this FREE Webinar —

It’s clear that systems depending on sticky notes and calendar reminders are not going to meet the FFIEC’s new CRS proposal expectations. The highest ratings will go to those institutions that implement a formal, documented CMS. Join us as we walk through what a modern regulatory change and CMS should include.

Join AccuSystems for this FREE Webinar – December 14

The Wizardry of Automated Loan Management Software

Manually routing paper loan files is both inefficient and risky. On the other hand, with an automated loan management system, such as AccuAccount, internal stakeholders receive email notifications when an action is required by them. In addition, they simply click and approve loan documents. Compare this to a paper-based system that relies on couriers, printed loan files, and handwritten signatures.


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