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Papa was a Rolling Stone - The Temptations
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Jump to new posts Re: Property near Dam by rlcarey @ 20 hours ago

Understood. I didn't think about that. This document does not contain any copyright or identifying detail.
Jump to new posts Re: Suspicious Activity Question by Andy_Z @ Yesterday at 03:42 PM

I'll add to the thread with an example. We had a downtown C-store owner start withdrawing larger than normal amounts of cash weekly. We couldn't figure it out and thought it was suspicious and reportable. The number of reasons we could imagine was greater than the threads would allow. In the end we asked. Guess what, she wrote a bad check to a supplier and was put on a cash only basis for 6 months. Being her bank we could verify the check issue was true.

I'm not saying that's the case here, but the point is, you don't know. You need to decide if it's abnormal enough. Randy's point is also very valid as he said above, it's likely this relationship is costing the bank money to operate. Add the risk to that you have for criticism over the transactions and you should have a good explanation or have taken action. Remember the "S" is not for guilty and what if when filed law enforcement puts your SAR and CTRs with any number of others on the same fellow? Conversely, what if they can't? Either way you're covered on the risk side, but still need to address the negative income account.
Jump to new posts Re: FDIC Calling Me? by Paul @ 06/18/21 10:16 PM

I do not know if this helps. If it is a rush request, I ask the person to send me an email with the agency name in the address.
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Jump to new posts Re: Juneteenth & Rescission/CD and LE Timing by kmenard @ 06/18/21 09:45 PM

Have you been re-issuing CDs if they have already be issued and signed? What about rescission on loans that closed yesterday or this morning?
Jump to new posts Re: W-8BEN by Jodi @ 06/18/21 09:28 PM

I appreciate your help. Thank you!
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Jump to new posts Do Not Call Policy by Crazy Bank Lady @ 06/18/21 09:15 PM

Should a bank still maintain a "Do Not Call" or TCPA policy?
If it is all the same bank - you have a real problem with that statement. You cannot deny an applicant because they gave the application to the wrong department.
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Jump to new posts Re: Minimum Balance to Avoid Fee by rlcarey @ 06/18/21 08:59 PM

I have seen this written up in the past as not clearly disclosed.
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Jump to new posts Re: Juneteenth by Comply 101 @ 06/18/21 08:50 PM

Our investors stated they would not take a loan from us with the incorrect disbursement date, even going back to the 15th closings. As Randy stated, we will have to issue revised RofR and CDs on some loans.
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When you are looking at "underserved" tracts, you also need to look at the housing availability. We've seen in some MMT where the rental housing exceeds the owner occupied housing. There are expectations that OO housing will be bought and sold as people move, and have potential for refinances and home improvements. Rental housing however is an investment, and usually not something financed.

As an example, for 13 MM tracts in 2 Florida counties: (rounded)
Total Housing 25,900
Occupied 21,400
Vacant 4,800
Owner Occupied 10,100
Renter Occupied 11,400 (44% of the housing in the tracts)

Out of the 25,900 units, there is minimal possibility for lending in 11,400, therefore cutting down almost in half the potential for lending.
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Jump to new posts Re: Property Value: Total or equity available by MBrownie @ 06/18/21 06:09 PM

Ah, now I get it. Thanks Dan, that's the help I needed!
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Jump to new posts Re: Juneteenth Federal Holiday by Cridal_Z @ 06/18/21 06:03 PM

We had an investor 30 mins ago send an email out that Saturday would not count in our "days" count. What in the world? That affects purchases who had CDs sent out yesterday to close Monday, and of course as mentioned any refis that closed late t his week. :|
Jump to new posts Re: Advertising for Loans by mbl4250 @ 06/18/21 05:36 PM

I talked to our marketing department and they are wanting to keep the wording like it is so I am looking at the disclosures that are needed since there is a triggering term. Would I need to give two payment examples, one for the 9 Month Construction Fixed Rate and one for the 12 Month Construction Adjustable Rate?
Jump to new posts Q-factors for CECL by Arrom Kim @ 06/18/21 04:45 PM


New to this forum. We're struggling to figure out how to apply q-factors for CECL and was wondering if anyone can give some input on how they are applying q-factors/approach used for CECL?

Thank you.
Jump to new posts Re: CTR - DBA Account Question by rlcarey @ 06/18/21 04:23 PM

State law and if they need to be treated as a partnership under IRS tax rules are two different things. Not sure what a FBNS statement is.
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Jump to new posts Re: MI Termination by rlcarey @ 06/18/21 04:20 PM

That is the selling guide. I thought you were asking about termination. Maybe I misread your question since you were talking about HOPA.
Jump to new posts Re: Posting MBA Projections by rlcarey @ 06/18/21 04:02 PM

Posting factual information is not advertising, but I think you need to pay attention to: Copyright 2020 Mortgage Bankers Association. All rights reserved.
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Jump to new posts Re: He Dead. by OldeTymeBanker @ 06/18/21 03:53 PM

Frank Bonner, 'Herb' of WKRP, at 79
TRID - TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures Rule
Jump to new posts Re: Contractual fees by rlcarey @ 06/18/21 03:40 PM

Like I said - then find a new title company and report them to your State Department of Insurance as in every State that I can think of, this would be an illegal practice.
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Jump to new posts Juneteenth - funds availablity by WIBanker91 @ 06/18/21 03:18 PM

Am I reading it correctly that since the Fed is still processing three is no impact to funds availabliity this year?
Jump to new posts Re: ESG and CRA? by Pale Rider @ 06/18/21 02:38 PM

Sure, a quick way to accomplish this is to increase a diversity supplier program goal for minority and women owned businesses. Big banks have already issued ESG bonds.
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Jump to new posts Re: Total Insurable Value on Multiple Properties by David Dickinson @ 06/17/21 09:50 PM

1. Each building must be insured.
2. No building can be insured for more than its' insurable value.
3. The maximum is $250k on residence.

Apply these 3 rules to your scenario until you reach the "lesser of 3" requirement.
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Jump to new posts Re: Residential Recovery Facility by David Dickinson @ 06/17/21 09:46 PM

In order to apply the detached structure exemption, the detached structure must be used primarily for personal, family or household purposes. Even if this "transitory residence" is considered residential, is the building in the floodplain going to qualify? It sounds like this property is used for non-consumer purposes.
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