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The BOL Couch
Jump to new posts Re: Bravecto by basilring @ 10 minutes 59 seconds ago

My husband just opens their mouth up, puts the pill at the back of their throat and lets go. They don't have a choice but to swallow. I don't think I could do that - so, we will leave him in charge of meds.
Flood Compliance
Jump to new posts Re: Leasehold Deed of Trust by rlcarey @ 20 minutes 2 seconds ago

Who are you lending too. The owner of the land or the owner of the building?
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Jump to new posts Re: Random Thoughts by waldensouth @ 33 minutes 1 second ago

Okay, so I recognize Mr. T and Nancy Kerrigan..
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Jump to new posts Re: Duplex on one parcel by Skittles @ 44 minutes 33 seconds ago

Never mind. Found my answer.
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Jump to new posts Re: New word association 9/18 by basilring @ 45 minutes 48 seconds ago

Jump to new posts Const-Perm loan and initial escrow cushion by Jade'sFire @ 46 minutes 21 seconds ago

If you have a one close const-perm product that has a 12month int only payment and then converts to P&I with escrow month 13 on, how do you disclose the escrow account at closing? The borrower is responsible for tax/ins payments during the 12 mon
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Jump to new posts Re: What happened to Word Association thread? by basilring @ 47 minutes 8 seconds ago

Newbie Nook
Jump to new posts Re: Mort Mod/quitclaim deed by Truffle Royale @ Today at 01:49 PM

My only concern would be verifying that the remaining parties are credit qualified to carry the debt.
TRID - TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures Rule
Jump to new posts Re: CD-fees chosen off our list; put in Section C by lwillis16 @ Today at 01:44 PM

Good point, Dan. They chose providers from our list. Software, haha that is a work in progress, and that is actually what caused the error. However, we should have caught it and made adjustments when we reviewed the document...prior to it going out t
Lending Compliance
Jump to new posts Re: AA Notice by Dan Persfull @ Today at 01:27 PM

You need to read a little further down. (2) The term does not include: (i) A change in the terms of an account expressly agreed to by an applicant; (ii) Any action or forbearance relating to an account taken in connection with inactivity, default,
Jump to new posts Re: Defining the Assessment Area by RR Jen @ Today at 01:26 PM

You are most welcome! I have over 20 counties in 3 states. I've got 10 assessment areas. They do not line up with the "regions" we have defined by the bank. At one point, one non-MSA AA was split between two regional presidents. That was
That wasn't really the question at hand, but thank you for that forgotten about article as it answered my actual repeat questioning of my own madness! :D~! If the same rates are charged to all approved applicants for a particular product, do notice
Lending Compliance
Jump to new posts Housing Counselor List - Evidence of Delivery by NeverEndingSupport @ Today at 01:25 PM

I'm having a difficult time identifying what is required (if anything) to evidence that the FI has provided a required Housing Counselors List to our consumer mortgage borrowers. It seems like we are retaining a lot of extra copies to provide eviden
Lending Compliance
Jump to new posts Re: Customer Living in Two States by Rocky P @ Today at 01:22 PM

Restated TR - you're right - poor choice of words I meant the note would be (usually) subject to the laws of the state where the bank is in. The mortgage/DOT would be subject to the laws of the state where the property is located.
Deposits and Payments
I agree.
HMDA Overhaul 2018
Jump to new posts Re: Help! HMDA coverage for 2017 by KPAP @ Today at 01:10 PM

The investor made the underwriting decision on the loans. And, thank you!
Interagency (Reg Z) and CFPB Reg B Appraisal Rules
Jump to new posts Re: Notice Regarding Not Ordering Appraisal by #Just Jay @ Today at 01:03 PM

And it is a SunTrust document, based on the footer, from 2003. We used SunTrust up until a few years ago, but I never recall seeing that document in our packages we sold to them. If you are using SunTrust, I'd check with them why they are still usi
Flood Compliance
Jump to new posts Re: Mobile Home & Land by ccman @ Today at 12:53 PM

Thanks Dan. The flood tool is a great assist. Thanks.
Flood Compliance
After doing some digging and making numerous calls, we found that the letter was NOT issued by FEMA, but by the private insurance company, which participates in the WYO Program. The confusion comes from the fact that the letter is on FEMA letterhead
Jump to new posts EQUAL HOUSING LENDER Format by Bama Blondie @ Today at 12:47 PM

Is it acceptable to use this EQUAL HOUSING LENDER ^ with the housetop next to it instead of the Housetop with the verbiage underneath? Housetop
Jump to new posts Re: Two Questions - One of Those Days by P*Q @ Today at 12:24 PM

Yes to your second question, from the New England region we see this annually.
Jump to new posts Not reporting current payments? by purllow182 @ Today at 11:58 AM

Hello - i was wondering if anyone out there does NOT furnish mortgage payment history to the credit bureaus (unless delinquent)? I'm being asked if we could NOT report the payment history until we have 12 months of it - only on good accounts. I have
Lending Compliance
Jump to new posts Furnisher requirements by purllow182 @ Today at 11:56 AM

Deposits and Payments
Jump to new posts Labor proposing to delay Fiduciary Rule by 60 days by John Burnett @ Today at 11:54 AM

The Department of Labor's Employee Benefits Security Administration will publish in tomorrow morning's Federal Register a proposal to extend for 60 days the April 10, 2017, applicability date defining who is a “fiduciary” under the Employee Retir
Jump to new posts Re: Edit Report & Resubmission by RR Joker @ Today at 11:48 AM

I had the same thing happen and it created the exact same question in my mind...:D!
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