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GeoDataVision has concluded reviewing the new census tract income demographics and identities released by the FFIEC for use during 2017 (beginning in January 2017). The changes were stunning. Of the 74,133 census tracts 20,838 exhibited a different t
TRID - TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures Rule
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Thank you one more question. We listed Owner title insurance (optional) under H on the original LE. We have found out that the seller is paying for it. Do we just take it out on the revised LE since the borrower is not paying for it or it still needs
Lending Compliance
Jump to new posts Certification of Appraisal Delivery by Multiple Hats @ Today at 07:49 PM

Commercial purpose loan. Applicant waives his/her entitlement to a receipt of the property appraisal report in advance of the closing. Our loan officer documents on a form how it was waived. A box is marked if it was waived orally with the date th
Jump to new posts Hemp Growing Operation by lstpr50 @ Today at 06:35 PM

Those of you out there in states that allow marijuana operations - have you been asked about Hemp growing operations?? Some states allow Hemp growing for industrial use. These are marijuana plants with low THC and are used for non-drug items such a
Jump to new posts Re: Pulling Credit Scores on Guarantors Only by Mel in WA @ Today at 06:14 PM

David - Your citing pertains to providing adverse action to a guarantor/co-signer. I'm trying to determine if a business individual, who is the applicant on a commercial purpose loan, needs to receive the Credit Score Disclosure. I can't find it
General Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Check requirements - name and city of paying bank by OldTymeBanker @ Today at 06:09 PM

Many years ago I worked with a bank that changed from a state to a national charter. At that time check printing was changed to show just the name of the bank, website and 800 #. And then I had a national chain refuse my check because the bank addr
Deposits and Payments
Jump to new posts Re: Switching from consumer to business account by OldTymeBanker @ Today at 06:06 PM

Would there be a change in the TIN for the account?
Operations Compliance
Jump to new posts Re: Reg E dispute resolution by Brandon.D @ Today at 05:27 PM

I first want to disclose that I understand the regulations requirements of investigating promptly and I also agree that if a financial institution is not going to continue investigating a claim, that the financial institution should not wait the full
Operations Compliance
Jump to new posts Re: HSA - Date of closing by Timeline @ Today at 05:25 PM

It's my understanding that closure of an HSA by the bank can be done once the account is inactive by your banks Inactive/Dormant process, but after April 15 of the following year as an HSA can be funded by April 15 for the previous year.
Lending Compliance
Jump to new posts Re: new to QC - looking for information by CountryBanker @ Today at 05:23 PM

Hey, Darth, I'll summarize my experience. I've moved on to a new employer after the old bank got swallowed up, but I have fond memories of setting up the Pre-Closing QC as CO. Had a full 2 years of performing the QC, we had a unit sending 800+ mortga
Lending Compliance
Jump to new posts Re: Rescission & Construction Loan by Brooke H @ Today at 04:54 PM

Thank you... That was what I was leaning towards, but wanted to make sure that other more knowledgeable compliance professionals interpreted it the same way I did.
Deposits and Payments
Jump to new posts Re: Wires and Exchange Rates by John Burnett @ Today at 04:52 PM

I think you have a problem. The disclosures are supposed to show the actual exchange rate, rounded to no fewer than two and no more than four decimal places, and the actual fees charged by the provider. You should not be disguising your extra fee in
eBanking / Technology
Jump to new posts e-Signature and loan date different by lmilton @ Today at 04:51 PM

How should a bank handle situations where the loan documents have one date and the borrower’s e-signature is a different date when either signing on an IPad in person or by e-Sign? Example 1: The bank is open on Saturday with limited business fun
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Hi-C Orange Lavaburst (in the happy meal)
Jump to new posts Re: Establishing Escrow Payment Amount by 189jet @ Today at 04:25 PM

Thanks for your help.
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CU Lady- How was your trip to Disneyland?
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Operations Compliance
Jump to new posts Re: Mastercard Cash Advances by ATLbanker @ Today at 03:43 PM

We only offer cash advances through our ATM.
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Flood Compliance
Again, thanks for the help!
Flood Compliance
Jump to new posts Re: Flood Question-Force Place More? by David Dickinson @ Today at 03:14 PM

What fees? If they are late fees added after the loan closed, then "no". If they are refinancing fees (and included in the new loan amount) then the loan amount includes this higher amount and must be factored into the calculation for det
Need to Remain Anonymous
Jump to new posts Re: Letter of Determination Review - Flood Insurance by HRH Okie Banker @ Today at 03:10 PM

I was interested and did some research and FEMA's website shows: "Requests MUST be postmarked no later than 45 days following the date the lender notified the borrower that the property is in an SFHA. Data and fee received bearing a postmark la
General Discussion
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Congrats Darth!
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Went to Angelos BBQ - it was really good! Thanks for the recommendation, Happy.
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