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#1028994 - 08/27/08 02:59 PM HELP - need a NAICS Code I can't find
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I have three customers who do not install or manufacturer ATM machines (found codes for thoses). They have a "business" - they rent or buy ATM machines, place them in convenience stores, liquor stores, etc., they fund the machines with cash and have an agent agreement with an ATM processing company by which they make a little profit on each transaction.

I am well aware of how risky they are - BUT, I can't find a NAICS code to match this specific type of business.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. We temporarily used 238290.


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#1029066 - 08/27/08 03:49 PM Re: HELP - need a NAICS Code I can't find CantBeShocked
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Since Privately Owned ATMs are a relatively new industry, there is probably not a code specific to them.
You may have to use the closest available.

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#1029517 - 08/27/08 09:45 PM Re: HELP - need a NAICS Code I can't find MagicCity
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What about

52232 Credit Intermediation and Related Activities

Financial Transactions Processing, Reserve, and Clearinghouse Activities
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#1030470 - 08/28/08 08:46 PM Re: HELP - need a NAICS Code I can't find WonderWoman
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We use the Financial Transaction Processing OR if this customer has privately owned ATMs within a business they own (i.e. convenience store) then we use that NAICS.

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