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#10323 - 02/13/02 02:26 PM Soldiers & Sailors Relief Act

Sec 518 of the Act prohibits adverse credit reporting. Do you interppret this to mean that Credit reporting should be suspended during military service? If so, when reporting resumes, should all aging during the military service be removed? Is the policy the same for mortgaes and credit cards? Is anoone suspending the aging of SSCRA accounts?

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#10324 - 02/13/02 03:08 PM Re: Soldiers & Sailors Relief Act
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I am not an attorney. But I interpret it to mean that you can't report the account as negative based on the terms later changed by SSCRA.

That is, don't report the payments past due based on the contractual rate of interest. If the rate and payments are lowered and it is unpaid, I don't have a problem in reporting that. I base this largely on the intent of the law and the fact that someone loaded with debt could join the service voluntarily for 20+ years. Are they not supposed to have a credit report in that time?

Someone else may have a different read on this and I'd be interested in it with any cases to support their position.

I don't know that this has been a big deal yet.

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