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#1034929 - 09/04/08 08:00 PM CTR with a DBA
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Can someone help me with a question regarding a CTR? We have a DBA styled Jane Doe and John Doe DBA Farming Services and either Jane Doe or John Doe is the transactor.

We have been completing the CTR with the benefactor as John Doe and Jane Doe DBA Farming Services and instead of documenting the transactor information, we check the box "Conducted on own behalf" Is this right or should we put who came in and made the transaction?

Thanks for your help.


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#1035727 - 09/05/08 06:09 PM Re: CTR with a DBA txgal, CRCM
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Does your state allow 2 people to DBA the same business? I read your message as meaning that your Section A states both their names somehow (John Doe and Jane Doe) and in the DBA field, it states "Farming Services." If you have 2 people (John and Jane) in the section A field, I would play it safe and indicate which of those 2 people conducted the transaction rather than checking "conducted on own behalf."

If, however, you have one section A on Jane Doe and one section A on John Doe DBA Farming Services, you could leave all section Bs blank by making the conductor appear in Section A on page 1 and then checking "conducted on own behalf" on page 1.
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