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#1040710 - 09/11/08 10:58 PM Bank Trust Audit
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Does anyone have ideas on what to include in the scope of a Bank Trust audit?

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#1040733 - 09/12/08 01:31 AM Re: Bank Trust Audit Banker27
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Appendix B of the FDIC's Trust Exam Manual would be a good place to start:

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#1041629 - 09/13/08 12:52 AM Re: Bank Trust Audit Dazed and Confused
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Objectives and Scope
The Audit Department performed an audit of the Trust Department as of December 31, 2007. Our audit was conducted in accordance with the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing. The objectives of the audit were to understand, document and evaluate risks and related internal controls for significant processes within the Trust Department.

Significant procedures included identification and documentation of key processes, risks, and related internal controls, and the following key testing procedures:

All assets turned over to the Trust Department are properly recorded and controlled.
Responsibilities of the Trust Department fixed by law and/or as agreed by contracts are properly executed on a timely basis. This includes investment and reinvestment of trust assets, collection of income and principal, payment of expenses, and distribution of income and principal.
Appropriate fees and commissions have been collected and recorded on a timely basis.
Records are adequate to establish proper accounting.
Adequate internal check and control procedures are in operation and adequate IT controls are in place (e.g. obtain a Type II SAS 70 from 3rd party vendors).
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#1043270 - 09/16/08 06:05 PM Re: Bank Trust Audit DerrickAuditor
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Thanks for the ideas!

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