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#1046690 - 09/20/08 12:18 AM For Bimmer: New "I'm a PC" Microsoft Spots
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Hey, Bim, did you know there is evidence that the new Microsoft "I'm a PC" spots were created on a Mac?

PC Ads Created on a Mac

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#1046705 - 09/20/08 02:26 AM Re: For Bimmer: New "I'm a PC" Microsoft Spots buggs
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Hey Bugs!

Personally, I don't care what they were created on!

Professionally the only thing I care about is whether or not they are certified to run Meditech!

If they are: Call me!

If they aren't: Get lost!
My silence doesn't mean that I agree with you. It's just that your level of ignorance has rendered me speechless.

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