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#107079 - 04/19/05 03:53 PM Re: Pica-eating Teller????

OSHA has examined my office and recommended removing white out from any desk. They call it a hazardous material.

Eating disorders are very serious. And, with you knowing she is consuming it, you are putting your institution liable for damages. (White out should not be behind the teller line anyways)

Take the white out away.

I, also, would like to know what has happened to the teller. Please let us know.

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Human Resources
#107080 - 04/19/05 04:09 PM Re: Pica-eating Teller????
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Just FYI, eating non-food items such as laundry detergent and white out is a sign of having low iron blood. Maybe a health check is in order. Is the number to your employee assistance program posted on the white out bottle?

Well, it appears that Harvey was correct that there were underlying health issues. The teller's husband just called HR and announced that she passed away last night from colon cancer.

already posted on 01/29/04 07:44 AM

may she rest in peace... maybe the same as this thread?
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