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#1073807 - 10/30/08 06:16 PM New Wealth Redistribution Plan
straw Offline
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The three men who invaded and robbed the Scottsdale home of a 68-year-old man claimed the crime was "their own form of redistribution of wealth," the victim said, "sort of like Robin Hood."

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#1073810 - 10/30/08 06:19 PM Re: New Wealth Redistribution Plan straw
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Blade Scrapper
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Practical application
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#1073815 - 10/30/08 06:25 PM Re: New Wealth Redistribution Plan Blade Scrapper
A_G Offline
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Is something wrong with that?
With the lights out, it's less dangerous.

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#1073823 - 10/30/08 06:29 PM Re: New Wealth Redistribution Plan Blade Scrapper
FBH Offline
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The Land of Tax Free Shopping!
Is this what we have to look forward to under the Obama economic plan? I may just keep both barrels loaded from now on...
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#1073862 - 10/30/08 07:02 PM Re: New Wealth Redistribution Plan FBH
TheManofSteel Offline
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What's fair is fair. Eeesss Social justice comrad.
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#1073894 - 10/30/08 07:26 PM Re: New Wealth Redistribution Plan TheManofSteel
Sound Tactic Offline
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Sound Tactic
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I think its fair and justified for a central government to decide I should get more money for doing nothing. Thus, I will choose to do a lot more of nothing. Thanks guys.
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