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#1076850 - 11/05/08 05:28 PM Loans to Internal Auditors
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Do you allow loans to your internal auditors or require them to go to another bank to maintain independence?
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#1076924 - 11/05/08 06:22 PM Re: Loans to Internal Auditors Perplexed
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They have to go to both the credit committee and the board of directors.

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#1077034 - 11/05/08 07:28 PM Re: Loans to Internal Auditors KAT
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We allow it - we get the employee rate like everyone else and must meet all of the underwriting requirements like everyone else.

There are stricter rules for external auditors.

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#1077063 - 11/05/08 07:49 PM Re: Loans to Internal Auditors DerrickAuditor
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We also allow loans to the auditor (me). The same as DerrickAuditor I get the employee rate and must meet the same underwriting requirements that everyone else has to meet. This policy has never been quesitoned by either regulator-FDIC or state.

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#1077273 - 11/05/08 09:34 PM Re: Loans to Internal Auditors Ready to Retire
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Same as the above. Although there is no employee rate. We receive the same rate as customers.

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#1079622 - 11/10/08 04:01 PM Re: Loans to Internal Auditors QCL
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I heart having an employee rate!
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