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#107857 - 08/19/03 05:38 PM CIP Notice
AMXSteve Offline
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I am curious as to how other institutions are wording their CIP notices. Are you just sticking to the model language, or are you adding any additional wording to the model language? We are thinking of adding a line at the end of the model language indicating that we may verify customer information through outside sources (e.g. ChexSystems, credit bureau). Is anyone else adding to the model language or just using it as is?

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#107858 - 08/19/03 05:41 PM Re: CIP Notice

We are sticking with the model language!

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#107859 - 08/19/03 05:47 PM Re: CIP Notice
DeeQ Offline
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Model language, too, just in a prettier format.
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#107860 - 08/19/03 06:50 PM Re: CIP Notice
amccary Offline
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We have also stuck to the model language.

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#107861 - 08/19/03 06:59 PM Re: CIP Notice
Kansayaku Offline
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David has a really nice one on his website.

Banker's Compliance Consulting

It adds a bit of patriotic appeal to the model language.
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#107862 - 08/19/03 07:51 PM Re: CIP Notice
David Dickinson Offline
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David Dickinson
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Thanks for the compliment kansayaku. We thought the patriotic wording made it more customer friendly and explained the purpose.
David Dickinson

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#107863 - 08/19/03 08:27 PM Re: CIP Notice
KK Offline
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We've condensed the model language a little.

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#107864 - 08/21/03 08:52 PM Re: CIP Notice

We have also condensed the notice...Ours simply says...Hey Bud, hand over the drivers license.

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#107865 - 08/27/03 06:58 PM Re: CIP Notice
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For our printed notice:
Since we're CIP-ing people who get added as new joint signers on existing accounts, we're adding wording that it pertains to new signers as well as new accounts. But it's pretty much staying close to the standard.

For our verbal notice (accounts initiated in the call center):
We decided the standard wording was extremely cumbersome for our call center reps to have to read, so we shortened it quite a bit for their script. That one currently reads:
“Federal law requires us to obtain and verify information that identifies each person on an account. We will need the names, addresses, dates of birth, Taxpayer Identification Numbers and other identifying information from each signer when you open an account or add any new signers.”

Still pretty nasty to have to read out loud to someone, but better than the long version.
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