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#1095770 - 12/11/08 05:25 PM Collection call from cell phone
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Is there a problem with a loan officer making a collection call to a past due customer from their personal cell phone? Do all collection calls have to come from the bank's phones?

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#1095804 - 12/11/08 05:48 PM Re: Collection call from cell phone HR Banker
David Dickinson Offline
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David Dickinson
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I'm not aware of any restriction like this. Ensure the LO is complying with the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act.
David Dickinson

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#1095841 - 12/11/08 06:06 PM Re: Collection call from cell phone David Dickinson
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ktac MITCH
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Just my 2cents - With the debtor having caller ID & never answering a call from The Bank . . . . Sometimes you have to call from a # other than the bank in order to get them to even talk to you.
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#1095845 - 12/11/08 06:08 PM Re: Collection call from cell phone David Dickinson
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Since the LO is collecting the bank's debt, while complying with the FDCPA is a good idea, that only applies to third party collectors. Review your State laws, as those will govern direct collectors of debt.
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#1096167 - 12/12/08 12:38 AM Re: Collection call from cell phone rlcarey
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While I don't believe that using a private cell violates any fairness rules, I personally wouldn't want my number on their caller ID.

I used to have an unlisted number just because of this. And still a couple of times a month, years ago when I was collecting, my dad who lives nearby would call and give me messages of folks who called him, looking for me. Yes, with my last name if you find another person with it, we have to be related.
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