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#1115603 - 01/22/09 09:55 PM Stepping on the Privacy SoapBox
Kansayaku Offline
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I received an email today from my mortgage lender (a "big guy" that will remain anon) and was just delighted to see that the bottom of the email indicated that it was intended for another of their customers as it listed their name (first and last) and the last four digits of their mortgage loan account number. Obviously, I called the "big guy" at which time I was put on hold and transferred to numerous people and departments before finally reaching their internet service center. At this time I was informed that they were aware of the issue, but it really wasn't a problem because no personal information was being released.

Excuse me, but I think that having my first and last name at the bottom of an email being sent to someone else which tells them that I have an account at the "big guy" is enough of an issue. I informed them of this and they basically blew me off.
So, being myself, I called my good friends and their regulatory agency (the OCC) to try to get a bit of assistance with making them understand that this is a problem and blowing it off is not a good idea.

So, after hearing what had happened, I have been instructed to fill out a formal complaint to submit to my friends and was given the phone number for the executive offices of the "big guy".

Well, I called them and they now have my information and are routing my complaint through to the executive division of the mortgage lending area from which I should be hearing back in a few days.

I just hate it when those "large fish" think that they are so special that they need not be concerned with the privacy of their customers.

OK, I'm stepping down now.
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#1115649 - 01/22/09 10:29 PM Re: Stepping on the Privacy SoapBox Kansayaku
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I got the same e-mail. You were being phished. There was no privacy violation by Chase. The name at the end of the e-mail was probably CLIFFORD ROGERS. The embedded link in the e-mail to sign in to Chase's website was not Chase's. I hope you didn't log in. I would let it drop with the regulators.
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