Hopefully that story will stay up. But here is a recap. He gets called to active duty and deploys to Iraq. She notifies Wachovia Dealer Services of his deployment. The couple is and was behind on the payments but she is trying and making arrangements (at least it seems from her side of the story). Wife had just sent one payment in and they can better afford what they have with his recent promotion. Wachovia repos the vehicle and sells it. $10,000 deficiency. They maintain they complied with the law because he did not claim protection.

I absolutely view the claim fo a reduced rate as one part of the SCRA and the protection from repossession (without court approval) a separate protection. The soldier could go back now and request the 6%. And they are considering suing Wachovia. While I am obviously pro-bank, how could this happen? In addition to a $10K loss, I think Wachovia needs to settle. A court just couldn't be kind to them based on this law.

What training are bankers getting n SCRA?
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