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#1137664 - 02/27/09 07:34 PM Bank One - valid check?
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I had a customer try to deposit a check drawn on an account at Bank One, NA in Ohio. Now, the last I checked Bank One had been bought out in 1996. Can anyone from Ohio tell me if you are aware of any existing/operating Bank One, N.A. branches? - We are in Oklahoma.

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#1137802 - 02/27/09 09:00 PM Re: Bank One - valid check? MackenzieS
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Last I knew Bank One was now JP Morgan Chase.
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#1138008 - 02/28/09 01:46 PM Re: Bank One - valid check? DD Regs
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There isn't any Bank One in our area anymore. DD is right.

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#1142422 - 03/09/09 08:17 PM Re: Bank One - valid check? MackenzieS
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I would call Chase and see if they can verify the funds. It's not too unusual. Sometimes I see checks like that turn up if the account/routing numbers were not changed after the buyout. Some people will still use their old checks rather than buy new ones.

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