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#113786 - 09/10/03 08:50 PM Safe Deposit Box Customers
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There seems to be a trend in our area (Midwest) to NOT open Safe Deposit boxes for customers who have no other relationship with the bank. With CIP I tend to want to jump on that bandwagon but Senior Mgt doesn't.
If you are from a bank that doesn't open boxes for non-customers will you let me know and also why your bank made that decision??

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#113787 - 09/10/03 09:34 PM Re: Safe Deposit Box Customers
Jello Offline
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We decided not to open boxed for non-customers, but mainly because we have a limited supply of boxes and we were having to turn customers away because we didn't have the sizes they wanted available.
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#113788 - 09/10/03 09:34 PM Re: Safe Deposit Box Customers
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We do not. It's difficult to collect rents due if the box holder doesn't bank with you. If they have other accounts with us, we can be sure that we know them (in the Know Your Customer manner). Also, in some areas boxes are scarce - this ensures that our customers get first opportunity to rent a box.
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#113789 - 09/11/03 08:19 PM Re: Safe Deposit Box Customers
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We have offices in the mid-west (Ohio) and we don't rent boxes to non-customers. Part of the reason has to do with government control lists. Our SDB software is a stand alone piece and we don't have the ability to scan it with our control list software. If the customer has an account, he/she is on our processing system that is scanned with our control list software. We have several thousand boxes throughout the company - way too many to check manually against applicable government lists.

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#113790 - 09/12/03 01:17 PM Safe Deposit Box Customers
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We do not....and for exactly the same reasons noted above: limited quantity (our customers are on a waiting list!); KYC; security concerns, etc.


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