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#1142901 - 03/10/09 06:03 PM Re: Good beginner books? E.E.G.B
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EGB - just bought my 6 year old niece the "I Can Read" Fancy Nancy books. If your little one is a Fancy Nancy fan - these are great! She was reading them to her friends in no time.
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#1143037 - 03/10/09 07:35 PM Re: Good beginner books? Lestie G
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We also did the Critter books, Berenstain Bears (level 1 books), Amelia Bedelia also comes in Level 1.

Our daughter loved the Digby and Kate books.

Now we have moved on to the Pet Fairy books, Magic Tree House and My Weird School. Although she can blow through those books in less than an hour, she still loves to read them...I just can't keep up with the trips to the library/book store.
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#1143045 - 03/10/09 07:44 PM Re: Good beginner books? Countess Kiwi
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My grandson loved the Magic Tree House books also although they may be a little hard for a beginning reader. Also the books about Skippy John Jones are hilarious although I don't know the author. They are about a Saimese cat that thinks he is a chihuahua (sp). They are quite funny and fairly easy to read with a little help.

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#1143090 - 03/10/09 08:23 PM Re: Good beginner books? E.E.G.B
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Is his name Stanley?? grin[/quote]

EGB, no, he isn't Stanley, but we sure spent a lot of time watching that show! And, for the record, his really big animal book was then (and still is) referred to as The Great Big Book of Everything! grin
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#1143198 - 03/10/09 09:58 PM Re: Good beginner books? Hoosierland
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My son is 5 1/2 as well. He loves reading the Junie B Jones series at school. That is all he ever talks about. The Little Critter books are a favorite of his as well.

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#1143242 - 03/11/09 02:38 AM Re: Good beginner books? Blade Scrapper
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The OG Zaibatsu
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Originally Posted By: Jimi Thing
Curious George and the Wood Chipper is a fun family read.

Oh my! I haven't laughed out loud at anything on BOl in a long, long time. Cracked me up. Wasn't expecting that.
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#1145350 - 03/16/09 01:40 PM Re: Good beginner books? The OG Zaibatsu
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Thanks for all the suggestions, y'all! I was able to get her a good selection yesterday at Half Price Books - Frog & Toad, Henry & Mudge, Dick & Jane, and a variety of other 'easy reader' selections, all at very reasonable prices. She read me "Can Cows Hop?" this morning, all by herself. smile
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