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#114462 - 09/12/03 09:09 PM CIP Worries
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Our policy & procedures goes in front of the board on Tuesday, which means that at 5pm on Friday, I am officially freaking out and trying to talk myself into rewriting the whole thing because every time I glance at the rules, I read it another way...This is my first shot at a policy and want to make sure it's right. My question is to all the vets, this is normal right? I'm not losing my mind any more than normal??? The toughest part is to develop a risk based program that is subjective to the location of the bank, etc and try to see any potential hic-ups that the examiners will exploit.....Will try to let it go this weekend as my Dawgs beat up on those 'ole gamecocks!!! Thanks for your input

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#114463 - 09/12/03 09:32 PM Re: CIP Worries
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Take three deep breaths and calm down. Based on my experience with 6 safety and soundness exams and three (four?) compliance exams, as long as you have a policy that reasonably meets the requirements the examiners are not going to hassle you. They may give you some pointers but with a new reg they are not going to be very nasty. When they give you those pointers, incorporate them (assuming they are right) during the exam and move on.
We are all in the same boat and there is no need for anyone to jump overboard.
My opinions are not legal advice and are worth what you paid for them.

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