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#11572 - 11/01/01 04:15 PM anthrax & money supply
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I've had the HR director in our bank ask whether I've considered the implications the anthrax scare might have on staff responsible for counting our incoming bulk from the Fed via armored car or registered mail. Anyone else considered this and decided to act or put out some guidance, similar what most of us did with reviewing the mail?

I hate to be over-reactive, but don't want to end up like the postal service, either. Last thing we want is the "of course you should have thought that would happen" type response if the cash supply should end up tainted at some point.

Thoughts or input?

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#11573 - 11/01/01 06:54 PM Re: anthrax & money supply
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Brinks notified us verbally of some of the security precautions they are taking, such as gloves, etc. They might be willing to share info with you.
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#11574 - 11/01/01 07:17 PM Re: anthrax & money supply
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Last Sunday's paper had a story about how U.S. currency is tightly woven and not likely to be effective at carrying anthrax spores.

I already had this issue come up at one branch as a powder was seen on some currency.

A few months ago white powder on currency would have been in the BSA section.

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Opinions stated are not necessarily that of my employer.

My opinions are not necessarily my employers.
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