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#1158 - 03/30/01 05:53 AM Overtime
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For those of us prepared to catch up on our work this weekend, remember you'll only have 47 hours in which to do it as we'll spring forward on Sunday morning.

Andy Zavoina
Opinions stated are not necessarily that of my employer.

My opinions are not necessarily my employers.
Rules and Regs minus Relationships equals Resentment and Rebellion. John Maxwell

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#1159 - 03/30/01 02:59 PM Re: Overtime
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Oh Andy, what a happy thought!!! For us in the northeast we go back to a few weeks of dark mornings so we can have a few extra minutes of light at the end of the day - which doesn't matter now because it is still freezing and it's snowing!! Hope it's nicer in your part of the country - happy weekend.

Sue Norton

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