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#1162604 - 04/13/09 08:13 PM Re: so what sacrifices are you making? TB 12
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Pale Rider
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under the Lone Star
I made a deal with the household that if they would cut out Starbucks I would reduce the intake of Sazevac and Yamakazi bourbons......
Societies that do not find work in and of itself "pleasing to God and requisite to Man," tend to be highly corrupt.

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#1162662 - 04/13/09 08:57 PM Re: so what sacrifices are you making? Pale Rider
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You are here
smirk how about a switch to Jack
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#1162668 - 04/13/09 09:03 PM Re: so what sacrifices are you making? edAudit
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Becka Marr
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I let my gym membership expire and stopped going to some of my classes. I don't have any plans for vacation, yet; but it won't be anything extravagant.
To avoid criticism do nothing, say nothing, be nothing. ~Elbert Hubbard

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#1162703 - 04/13/09 09:27 PM Re: so what sacrifices are you making? Becka Marr
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I just got a $15,000.00 bill from the hospital and we're going back tomorrow for more...oh, wait you wanted to know about cutting back...not supporting...

-I buy generic everything
-We cancelled our land line
-We bought the itty bitty sappling trees for $1.50 a piece when we put 29 of them in the ground this weekend, rather than paying a bunch for them. Kind of like a science experiment.
-We hang most of our laundry to save on LP
-I bring my lunch
-I gave up Starbucks

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#1162709 - 04/13/09 09:31 PM Re: so what sacrifices are you making? Becka Marr
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We turned off our cable. I gave up my cell phone and use my husbands to call my mother. He always has minutes left over. We put up a clothes line and we are planting a garden. I was in a lay off over a year ago, but was able to find employment and they had a layoff last month, but I made the cut. My son has moved back home. He works construction and is out of work weeks at a time and his girl friend came with him and she just found a job and my son in law lost his job. So I am trying to find ways to cut back to buy the extra groceries and the higher electric bills

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#1162753 - 04/14/09 03:14 AM Re: so what sacrifices are you making? tcredle
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Truth be told, my spending is actually higher than it was a year ago. I even went as far as getting a credit card (after not having one for over 5 years) and a cell phone.

The only real spending decision I have made based (partly) on the economy (and partly on personal circumstances) is holding off on getting a new car. I had planned to get one in December or January, but now I'm holding off until at least next year.

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#1162817 - 04/14/09 12:34 PM Re: so what sacrifices are you making? JacF
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I'm refinancing my mortgage - with the lower interest rate, I can keep my payment the same as it was, but take out a big chunk of new money, which we will spend on home improvements.

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