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#1171159 - 04/28/09 02:11 PM Chargeback Rights?
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Customer signed up for a "free trial offer" and is attempting to cancel within the required timeframe, but the number listed is constantly busy. We have tried for her several times also with no luck. Our processor is telling us we have no chargeback rights because we don't have a confirmation of the cancellation. Do we have any other options?

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#1171741 - 04/28/09 08:25 PM Re: Chargeback Rights? reknab
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If this comes through as an ACH, I used to have the customer come in to sign a WSUPP form and return the item R07 authorization revoked after it posts. Not exactly correct, but under that senario, customer comes before probable unscruplus company.

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#1171764 - 04/28/09 08:45 PM Re: Chargeback Rights? kiemo
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More often than not, these types of purchases require a credit/debit card. Check the merchant's website to see if they offer cancellation via email. If they do, instruct the customer to send one and keep a copy. If the merchant refuses to process, you can use the email as proof of cancellation and you will have chargeback rights if the merchant does not issue a credit within 30 days of the date on the email.
The cardholder is not entitled to refund of the shipping and handling unless the terms and conditions specifically state that they will be refunded as well.
If no email provision exists, I would recommend cancelling the card before the free trial expires and your customer is charged for product they do not wish to receive.
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