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#1175108 - 05/04/09 03:05 PM Personal Computers
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Are their any network admins out there that allow bank employees to use their home/personal laptops for bank business and load bank purpose software on the employees personal computers. (i.e. credit analysis software)
I have been ask by upper mgmt to purchase encryption software for employee personal computers and to allow software to be installed so they can be more "efficient". Keep in mind the employee already has a bank laptop that is "official" and they have signed appropriate documentation acknowledging their responsibilities with bank/customer nonpublic information.

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#1175658 - 05/05/09 01:40 PM Re: Personal Computers mbg
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Absolutely not! Not to be abrasive but if there are they really shouldn't be administering systems or a network. There is just no way to control what happens to their home computers. It's hard enough to keep their laptop/mobile devices clean, locked-down, and secure. On a technical level you need to keep work and home separated as much as possible, even though they may well be working from home.

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#1175957 - 05/05/09 04:49 PM Re: Personal Computers Nicholas
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As to controls and ownership, there are more questions than answers. If they have a bank laptop, there is no reason for this. Why spend the extra license fees and admin headaches to create work?

There are many reasons this is a bad idea. The only reason for it is so a laptop need not be carted around.
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