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#11936 - 02/07/01 10:03 PM Credit Bureau Fees

It is very difficult for a customer to quickly dispute items on credit reports. They can't call and speak with a person. The written process takes weeks. A bank is able to get thru to a bureau and may agree to help the customer to speed up the process. The bureau charges a fee for research and corrections. If the bank passes this fee on to the customer, can it be disclosed on the HUD as part of the credit report fee or should it be separate? The fee goes to the credit bureau.

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#11937 - 02/08/01 01:48 AM Re: Credit Bureau Fees
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I understand you to say that a credit bureau charges to correct erroneous information.

Under the FCRA they are required to provide correct information, by law.

I would not want to represent a credit bureau and say that we charge to correct erroneous information.

Now there may be some charge for expediting what is required in the FCRA and doing it faster, but again, that is a bad practice.

Under Reg. E you may pass the charge along to a customer for an unauthorized claim investigation. But who does it? Why? It has such a negative appearance.

Not the direct answer you asked for, but if they are trying to profit from this, I'd challenge them for unfair practices. They are wrong.

I'd be interested in how much they are charging. And if my customer paid it, I'd classify it as a credit bureau fee and I'd encourage them to request their money back after the deal is done and they are no longer hostages. While I do not advocate legal suits, I'd be close on something like this.

(Getting off soapbox.)

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