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#119431 - 10/01/03 11:19 PM Election Lawsuit
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Has anyone heard an update regarding the lawsuit to halt Gov Perry's certification of election results?
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#119432 - 10/02/03 12:42 PM Re: Election Lawsuit
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I would not make too much of it--the attorney who filed it did not properly serve the Secretary of State. She said that the Governor's office told her that they could accept service on behalf of the Secretary of State. That is not a very good attorney who doesn't have the SOS served just because someone in the Guv's office tells her she does not have to--for crying out loud, the SOS's office is just a few blocks away--go serve the SOS. So, bottom line, without service on the SOS, I do not think the lawsuit affects anything. (Additionally, what the papers say she alleged in the lawsuit was not even the proper complaint. She should have said that the proposition misrepresented the Resolution. Maybe she did and the papers got it wrong.)
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