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#11945 - 02/27/01 10:48 PM OFAC Sanctions
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I'm trying to put together an updated list on the sanctioned countries. Would someone confirm the status of Yugoslavia (particularly as it relates to Bosnia)? Is part of Yugoslavia still sanctioned? Also I noticed Sierra Leone is on the list. We are trying to put together a procedure for our front line folks that gets request for international funds transfers. Our procedure would like to state that we do not accept transfer requests from the sanctioned countries. Would this be appropriate? Thank you.

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#11946 - 02/27/01 11:04 PM Re: OFAC Sanctions
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Barbara Hurst
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I would hesitate to answer for OFAC. I commend you on what you are doing, though! Click on the launch pad, then on OFAC. All the way at the bottom of the page you'll see where you can contact OFAC, and the email that comes up goes right to Dennis Wood, the head of OFAC. He would be the one that would give you the positively correct answer. And it's quite a friendly contact. Go for it!

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