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#119561 - 10/02/03 04:13 PM Deposited Checks

I am interested in knowing if other banks allow a spouse to deposit his payroll check into his wife's account. We have a couple of customers who for some reason are not on the account with their spouse; however, they want to deposit into it ( and most of the time take cash back, which I see where the risk is with this), but what if they don't want cash back. Is it good business practice to allow this. We would not give the receipt to the non-customer making the deposit due to the account number being on the receipt.

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#119562 - 10/02/03 04:38 PM Re: Deposited Checks

We just had another non customer (not our customer's spouse) wanting to deposit a check into our customer's account and get cash back? Should we or shouldn't we? Please help. What does your bank do?

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#119563 - 10/02/03 04:48 PM Re: Deposited Checks
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Our bank typically only allows it if the check is signed over to the spouse and the spouse is actually transacting the deposit and/or cash-back. We only allow this on a very limited basis, once or twice, otherwise we urge that the spouse be added on to the account. If there is concern by our account holder about adding their spouse, that would seem to be a red-flag about their relationship and allowing those transactions (something fishy in Denmark and if things go south, you know who will be left holding the bag). Sometimes we have found the non-spouse is on ChexSystems, etc. We simply remind our customer that the account agreement is between them and our bank. And don't you love it when our customers put us in the position of having to give them news you know they won't like. Why can't everyone be like us???????????
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#119564 - 10/02/03 04:59 PM Re: Deposited Checks
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D, if that happened here and they asked me, I would tell them not to do the transaction. Would you go after your customer if the check were returned?
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