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#1201503 - 06/15/09 09:21 PM ATM fraud in Mexico?
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Looks like we are going to get hit with about $5,000 in fraudulent ATM withdrawals on a customer who was just in Mexico. It looks like a clear case of skimming... the crooks checked the balance one day and began withdrawing $400/day everyday thereafter, mostly in Guadalajara. We now know the customer was back in the states a few days before the fraudulent transactions began.

A coworker heard about someone else getting hit with about $6,000 in bad withdrawals at another bank.

Anyone else seeing this yet?

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#1201519 - 06/15/09 10:13 PM Re: ATM fraud in Mexico? RebekahL CRCM
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We too have gotten hit by ATM skimming in Guadalajara. Our customer was in Puerta Vallarta at the end of May and thinks her card number was stolen at the airport before returning home. The only bad twist to this is that we contacted her (she had already gotten back) because of a Fraud Alert report and she told us she had used her card in Guadalajara so her card was put back to active. A few days later, she filled out a dispute form for exactly those transactions that she had already verified as valid. The total loss could be over $4000.

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