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#1204968 - 06/22/09 11:57 AM lowering limits for atm and pos ?
LisaL Offline
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anyone recently lower their limits on atm and pos transactions?
ours are way too high, looking for anyone who'd be willing to share their letters to customers informing them of new lower limits ?
thanks in advance,

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#1205391 - 06/22/09 06:39 PM Re: lowering limits for atm and pos ? LisaL
Trees Offline
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Why letters? We sent out a stuffer notice in our statements. Along with indicating the new, lower amts we also used the stuffer to talk about keeping cards safe,not putting PINS on the back of cards, etc. No letters.

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#1205618 - 06/22/09 10:04 PM Re: lowering limits for atm and pos ? Trees
Dolly Nugent Offline
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Dolly Nugent
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Southern California
We are looking to do this as well, but on an individual basis. We have some customers that were granted limits higher than our standard daily limits and now we are looking to lower them as they do not appear to be warranted. A statement stuffer will not work in our case.

I'm also interested in a letter to send to customers. Anyone?
Dolly Nugent
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