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#1216 - 04/04/01 10:38 PM Accounting Dept Policies & Procedures
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Our dept policies & procedures were developed haphazardly over the years. We want to create a new manual, but don't necessarily want to reinvent the wheel by re-typing the manual.

Does anyone know a source for a manual template in electronic format that can be customized for our use?


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JFlats Opinions are mine, not my employers

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#1217 - 04/05/01 02:40 AM Re: Accounting Dept Policies & Procedures
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Prior discussions in this forum have discussed similar topics. A common reply was that these were often adopted without the customization required to truly personalize them. This can lead to internal policy violations.

I'm sure there are some folks happy with these to use as starters, but I was happy developing a template and taking the time to develop what was required and worked. If you are going to spend a lot of time on this, make them functional, or its only lip service which you're already unhappy with.

Look at the thread, Loan Policies and Procedures , for more on this.

Andy Zavoina
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My opinions are not necessarily my employers.
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#1218 - 04/06/01 03:13 AM Re: Accounting Dept Policies & Procedures
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Lucy Griffin
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Andy makes an important point. Examiners don't like boilerplate and they can spot it a mile away. You really want policies and procedures that reflect what your bank believes and does. Starting with boilerplate may be an efficient way to get things moving, but I strongly recommend taking steps to personalize both policies and procedures.

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