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#12252 - 02/14/01 07:13 PM Online Banking Access Passwords

Online Banking Access Passwords

Banks typically require customers to have a password to access their accounts through online banking.

Does anyone know of a law or regulation that requires banks to have customers periodically change passwords, or of any guidance on how frequently customers should be encouraged or required to change passwords?

I have heard one suggestion that customers be required to change their passwords every 90 days—this seems to frequent and an unreasonable inconvenience. Can anyone share how it’s done at his or her bank? I really appreciate any help.

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#12253 - 02/14/01 08:11 PM Re: Online Banking Access Passwords
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I know of no requirement, and agree that while it is a good practice, it is not practical.

I recommend urging customers to do this, but not to make it a requirement. It is difficult enough to remember all the passwords we have to now. By adding a revolving requirement we increase the likelihood that the user will put the password on a post-it note and stick it on the monitor or under the mouse pad.

Your password requirement should be somewhat difficult, not the users name, not a common word, etc. With this and the customer having a choice, security should be fine.

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My opinions are not necessarily my employers.
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