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#1225379 - 07/30/09 09:40 PM Retention of Imaged Checks
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I am in the process of finishing a remote deposit capture and branch capture audit. One of the issues I have relates to our method of the storage and retention of the original documents after they have been scanned. The documents are being retained in boxes inside the vaults or retention room. Basically any employee would have access to the documents. I have concerns about this, but am having a brain lapse as to what the risks are. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!

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#1227190 - 08/04/09 08:28 PM Re: Retention of Imaged Checks Fallgirl
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You might look at your software and see if it has "possible duplicates" warnings at your merchant and bank levels. I know with our RDC, we get warning flags if a check is scanned more than once. So in that aspect, it minimizes the risk of a check being scanned more than once. However, I'm not sure if there is a timeframe that the software won't catch duplicates. So that may be something you want to look at. Other concerns you should have would be unauthorized access to information on the checks (bank account number, name etc.). However, if they are employees, they probably have access to that information anyways. But if they are maintenance or janitors, you want to be careful of where that information is stored. Also, you should have a rentention policy that states when those checks should be shred and destroyed. Our policy for merchants is 60 days. After that, the checks are destroyed. Regardless, the checks should be locked and access restricted so that the potential for duplicates on branch capture scanning doesn't occur.

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