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#123759 - 10/20/03 07:19 PM Loan Review

Does anyone know of a good source for checklists and guidance on doing credit/loan review. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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#123760 - 10/20/03 09:19 PM Re: Loan Review
MackenzieS Offline
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I have one that was provided to me by another BOLr. I have modified it somewhat. It includes a checklist for primarily regulatory requirements, but before I am finished I will modify it even further for our own internal policy requirements. Send me a Private message and I will be glad to share.

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#123761 - 11/14/03 04:00 AM Re: Loan Review
Risk Officer Offline
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Are you talking about loan review in the sense of evaluating loans for credit quality? If so and if you have no training or experience in this area, you are being opened up to a world of criticism (both internally and from the regulators). Reviewing credit quality takes a good bit of training, both formal and on the job. In my opinion, it would take a couple of years of experience before you could even touch some of the more complex credit relationships. That said, BAI offers a loan review certification and training and I'm sure ABA and the state banking associations have some.

If you are talking more about reviewing consumer compliance requirements, check the regulators web sites. Training is also critical here.

Good luck.
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#123762 - 11/14/03 03:36 PM Re: Loan Review
Joe Offline
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You had touched a very important issue, which is “Training and Experience”. Indeed, auditors do accept engagements where they have neither the training nor the experience to do it. And remember the old saying “garbage in garbage out”.

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#123763 - 11/14/03 04:16 PM Re: Loan Review
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I can't tell exactly what you are asking for. Your loan policy should state the policy for loan review such as depth and scope.

I agree that experience is important today as the examiners are placing such importance on loan review because if loans aren't graded correctly, then the bank's loan loss reserve is probably underfunded and you are asking for an MOU from the regulators. I have been in loan review since 1992 and it has changed a lot especially in the past 3 years. Training is very important, the regulators have to have confidence in you and the bank's loan review process because if they don't, your safety and soundness exams are going to be difficult and longer than "usual".

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