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#12469 - 08/20/01 06:03 PM Prize Contest

My bank is having a giveaway for customers and non customers where they are allowed to pick a toy out of a box and depending on what is color coded on the bottom, they can win a free order of checks (15.00 value), 3 months free bill pay (18.00 value), $10 off interest payment on any loan, fee free travelers checks, ($5.00 or $10.00) deposit to an account at our bank, free coffee cup, etc. I don't believe we are in violation, but any and all opinions would be appreciated.

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#12470 - 08/20/01 06:30 PM Re: Prize Contest
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Don't believe you are in violation of any laws but not sure why you're doing this. Are you trying to bring current customers into your bank lobby? Do you expect non-customers to come into lobby to try and win something and then you sell them? If you're trying to reward customers with goodies, I question the value of at least your samples noted. Sounds a little trival. Guess there would be no harm in playing this little game. Just seems like better things could be accomplished with this energy and cost.

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#12471 - 08/21/01 12:23 AM Re: Prize Contest
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I believe you'd be OK too. Keeping cash at $10 and under is IRS friendly and the waiver of a fee on those items >$10 will also keep you out of trouble.

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My opinions are not necessarily my employers.
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