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#1259914 - 10/01/09 01:27 PM No payments while at boot camp?
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We do not have very many military customers but we have one that is going to boot camp and he was told to contact his bank so he wouldn't have to make any payments while he's at boot camp. We are not aware of anything stating this - is there anything?

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#1259915 - 10/01/09 01:31 PM Re: No payments while at boot camp? COMPLIcated
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Not to my knowledge...they are still being paid. Now, they do have certain rights...such as if they borrowered money pre-service, lowering the rate to 6%...and there are considerations on mortgage loans as well within the SCRA.
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#1260017 - 10/01/09 03:05 PM Re: No payments while at boot camp? RR Joker
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...they are still being paid.

Marines are not paid during boot camp.

You are under no obligation to forgo the payments during boot camp under the SCRA, but if the customer has been a good customer and the circumstances warrants what is the harm in extending the 2 or 3 payments while they are in boot camp?
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