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#127130 - 10/30/03 11:27 PM Training, Online or In Person?
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I am interested to know who out there has gone to online training for Branch/non-Branch personel, specifically security training. Do you still do some training in person like Robbery training in the branches? Does it satisfy the regulated requirements? I happen to enjoy in person training sessions (as the trainer) but our institution is going all online. I have a say in my portion of that, but they're really pushing for it. Pearls of wisdom would be helpful...

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#127131 - 10/31/03 01:03 PM Re: Training, Online or In Person?
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We do both on line and in person training. I really like our online security training. We use Bankers Edge and they have a picture of a "robbery" in progress that you view for a minute and then have to answer questions about the appearance of the robber. The online training can only cover the law and situations like the above. It is still very important to cover your bank's specific security procedures. This is usually handled in the branch by the branch manager in our shop. We provide the training materials.
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#127132 - 10/31/03 02:32 PM Re: Training, Online or In Person?
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Our bank does a similar program as Louvera's - we have our On-Line training through BVS - which is good, especially for new employees - but next year 2004 I will be at every one of our 20+ centers with either a police officer, DPS Trooper, etc to present on-site training - one of the things I have become concerned about is that most of our training has been robbery and BPA (Bank Protection Act) also requires us to train on how to handle larcenies and burglaries - since those aren't as 'sexy' as robbery it seems like they fall to the side. Many of our industry experts believe that we are more likely to be hit by fraud than a bank robbery so fraud prevention is also an important topic to remember.

Good Luck - and HAVE FUN!!!!
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#127133 - 10/31/03 03:10 PM Re: Training, Online or In Person?
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Hi Kurth, we are just about to contract with BVS elearning and I have been demo-ing the product for a couple of weeks, it is cool! I actually reviewed 3 online training programs, and they all seemed comparable. The recordkeeping and initial set up will be a bit cumbersome, but after that, the branch mgrs/dept heads will be held responsible for ensuring their staff is up to snuff.
The classes were actually fun (unless that is just my masochistic compliance personality showing)!
Bear in mind that the size of the bank was a reason for going to the internet, 8 branches was manageable to do inhouse training, but 25 proved too much (that was agreed upon after our last BSA/CIP sessions which spanned 3 full weeks to get everyone trained). This should be a great improvement.
Good luck with your decision. And every company I tested offered a free trial for you to experiment with. Some required updated software, so make sure you check all of that out.
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#127134 - 10/31/03 04:33 PM Re: Training, Online or In Person?

We utilize both also- our web-based solution is from they aren't the best out- but we had contract with them until April on videos, so we stayed. Most associates like the courses- I will caution you though - not all web-based training is customizable- meaning the classes don't include state specific data or your own Policies- which can confuse employees! Beware- but overall- most love taking classes when they have a break in the action at work or even at HOME!.Taking tests is less of an issue when you can review the data two, three or four times..until they score a 100%. Face to face training tends to engage some employees while others would rather stay in the office. It gets difficult for managers to let stff out of the department for an hour of training plus travel time.

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#127135 - 10/31/03 05:17 PM Re: Training, Online or In Person?
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I physically go out to every branch once a year on actual robbery training and semi-annually on specific training such as counterfeit currency, etc. Branch Managers are responsible for providing ongoing training every month which they report back to the Security Department on what they provided. I also provide a monthly Bank Security Newsletter which also is considered training for regulatory purposes.

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#127136 - 10/31/03 07:31 PM Re: Training, Online or In Person?
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Hi Kurth! Compliance training is handled on-line (except BSA) but our Annual Security training as well as new hire security training is done in person, gives people a chance to ask questions about our specific security measures.

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