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#127807 - 11/03/03 03:56 PM ATM Lighting in a Bank Vestibule
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Chapter 3, Title 7, Subchapter E, 3.92 of the Texas Administrative Code states:

( g) Unmanned teller machines located in a bank vestibule. "The provisions of the Finance Code, Chapter 59, Subchapter D, and this section are applicable to an unmanned teller machine located in a bank vestibule if there is 24 hour access to the vestibule from outside the building."
I think that the standards for lighting in the defined parking area around an ATM that is located in a vestibule of a building are defined in 59.307(4) of the Texas Finance Code. See the verbiage below:

59.307(4) two candlefoot power in the part of the defined parking area within 60 feet of the unmanned teller machine.

What are the requirements for lighting (candlefoot power) inside the vestibule? If not specifically defined, what is industry standard?


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#127808 - 11/26/03 05:23 PM Re: ATM Lighting in a Bank Vestibule
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The requirement under section 3(b) is that "The owner or operator shall provide a minimum of: (1) 10 candlefoot power at the face of the unmanned teller machine and extending in an unobstructed direction outward five feet;"
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#127809 - 11/28/03 03:52 PM Re: ATM Lighting in a Bank Vestibule
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You also might consult with a gentleman that we use for annual Lighting Reviews - Wayne Fogle with Compliance Professionals, Inc - Wayne is their ATM Lighting Specialist - Contact them at 800-444-3988 - Met him once at our branch - and he is extremely thorough and knowledgeable.
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