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#1292468 - 11/24/09 05:47 PM Visa Gift Cards and Medallion Stamp
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With regards to Visa gift Cards we have the kind that are not preloaded and was wanting to know where you do guys store your non preloaded cards in the branch? Also where do you require your branches to store their Medallion Stamps and who is generally approved to use it? The reason I am asking is I Just finished our branch audits and now I have to explain why I think both should be under dual control at all times. Any help would be great.

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#1292630 - 11/24/09 07:29 PM Re: Visa Gift Cards and Medallion Stamp markp
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The Medallion program has a great "certification" training program that I would suggest that audit takes through Kemark. It contains best practices and clearly discusses the financial risks of a bank in the program. That is where I would start.

Nonloaded Visa gift cards should be kept in a vault under dual control.

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#1294470 - 11/27/09 03:58 PM Re: Visa Gift Cards and Medallion Stamp M J Kidney
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We also required our Medallion Stamp to be stored in the vault.

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#1295169 - 11/28/09 04:06 PM Re: Visa Gift Cards and Medallion Stamp markp
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Our gift cards are stored in a vault just like any other negotiable instrument - travelers checks, cashiers checks, etc.

Medallion STAMP - look at the cost for replacement, the liability for mis-use, etc - those should be your arguments for not just in a secure area, but a dual control secure area.
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