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#131449 - 11/17/03 11:23 PM HR Dept Size

Can anyone give me a ratio of how many HR employees your bank has compared to the number of all employees?

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Human Resources
#131450 - 11/17/03 11:31 PM Re: HR Dept Size
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Austin Texas
We have 4 to 350 employees:
HR Director
Benefits Admin
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#131451 - 11/19/03 01:48 AM Re: HR Dept Size

We have 1full time and 1 part time, the parttime is myself but I also am teller supervisor, payroll person, operations also.

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#131452 - 11/19/03 03:08 PM Re: HR Dept Size
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We have 100 employees:
Total of 3 HR people; 1 Director, 1 Asst that handles benefits, payroll, etc and 1 Trainer.

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#131453 - 11/19/03 05:41 PM Re: HR Dept Size
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New Jersey
HR here is at the holding company level, for about 600 employees. 1 director, 1 recruiter, 1 benefits, 1 payroll, 1 assistant/floater. Most training is handled separately by two departments -customer service training and CORE (product/policy/procedure) training - with some HR related topics (sexual harassment, supervisory skills, etc.) handled by the HR director.

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#131454 - 11/19/03 08:21 PM Re: HR Dept Size

We have 151 full time equiv. employees - 1 Human Resources Director that is also head of Customer Service, the Main teller line, and Marketing. She has 2 assistants - 1 payroll/insurance and the other new employee orientation/admin. assistant.

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#131455 - 11/26/03 05:37 PM Re: HR Dept Size
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Down South, USA
The only employer I remember seeing statistics for had one HR person for every fifty-six employees (in that country - it was an international bank and I was not in the HO country), and there were about 3,000 employees.

That, I recall, was considered relatively HR-heavy, and that around one HR person to every eighty to one hundred employees was considered typical.
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#131456 - 12/03/03 09:06 PM Re: HR Dept Size
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We have 4 HR employees for 200 employees.
HR Director
HR Assistant (Benefits)
Payroll Administrator
Employment/Training (that's me!)

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#131457 - 12/04/03 04:25 PM Re: HR Dept Size
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We have a staff of 3 for 206 employees
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