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#132 - 12/04/00 02:50 PM UCC

When is a check considered "presented"? When a person brings a check in person to a teller and requests payment but the check is NSF should the teller stamp the check NSF and then return it to the person?

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#133 - 12/05/00 05:52 AM Re: UCC
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Presentment is covered under Section 3-501(a) of the UCC. Over the counter presentment can be made for cash or acceptance by the person entitled to enforce the instrument, or presentment can be made through normal channels by a collecting bank on behalf of the person entitled to enforce the instrument. If Joe, the payee, or someone whom Joe has endorsed the item over to, brings the check in to your bank, upon which it is drawn, to cash it and there are not sufficient funds at that time, or there is a stop payment, or for whatever reason the check is not payable, the nonpayment and reason therefor should be noted on the check and the check should be handed back.

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